Self determination
Supports health and well-being
Life quality
Through participation in daily activities
Occupational therapy
Helps people to cope with everyday life

Occupational therapy practice Eisenhut was established in May 2006. Since then the team has steadily grown. We support people of all ages, from toddlers to the elderly, as their participation in activities of daily living evolves over the lifespan. The practice places a great emphasis on evidence-based treatment to support the client’s independence, to enable their participation in social life through occupation, and to facilitiate self-advocacy to navigate the health care system.

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The human is an active being

Being active:

  • gives meaning to life
  • is an important indicator of health, well-being and justice
  • influences behaviour
  • Activities develop and change during life
  • Activity influences the environment and is, in turn, influenced by it
  • Activity has therapeutic potential




Ergotherapie Eisenhut
Helene Eisenhut
Bismarckstraße 15
64293 Darmstadt

Tel. 06151-5990733
Fax. 06151-5990786
Mob. 0176-24687408



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